Designer Kitchens In Fife

About Vorsehen Design kitchens in Fife

Vorsehen Designer Kitchens is a family-run business. After spending 25 years working in the insurance and kitchen industry, they encountered every type of project and property imaginable, experience which they now bring to the fore at Vorsehen Designer Kitchens in Fife. With family and business growing together, we apply the same family values whilst working with customers.

‘Our holistic, family-oriented ethos hasn’t changed; small enough to care but big enough to deliver to suit your needs perfectly. This family-run ideal gives us an edge over our competitors, and for our customers the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to improving on their home.   

Barry Philp, Director of Vorshen Kitchens

Ensuring the Best For Our Clients

Over the years, we have handpicked our suppliers solely based on their quality, reliability, and sustainability. This ensures that all our customers are supplied with the absolute best products, furniture, and services available. We aren’t a big corporation pushing to maximise profits at every chance, we are simply an ever-growing family looking to provide the best products and services not only with confidence but with a smile too.  

We understand how important home space is to every family and just how much of a difference the right space can make. Whether it’s a new bathroom, bedroom suite, home office, or kitchen – we’ve got it covered at Vorsehen.  
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