Designer Kitchens In Fife

Pastel Kitchens

Pastel colours are created by adding white to a primary colour in order to create a lower colour saturation. The effect of this is they are light and calming, which makes pastels the perfect choice for a kitchen environment. At Vorsehen we have a wide range of pastel kitchen colours you can choose from, and which are available in a variety of finishes and door styles.

Matching Pastel Colour Tones

The lightness of pastel shades make them suitable for use in conjunction with a wide range of materials and colours. Here you can see the pastel blue doors with the light wood worktop. The colour’s neutrality makes shade matching easy and produces beautiful results.

Modern Pastel Colour Finishes

Many people associate pastel finishes in kitchens with classic Shaker styles or country designs. However, colours like off-white, cream, light grey, as well as materials like light-washed wood, and even light coloured stones can be used to create exceptionally modern designs whilst maintaining and utilising the neutrality of the pastel palate. This allows clients and designers huge flexibility when selecting the finish of additional aspects of the kitchen such as the worktop, floor, splashback and wall colour.