Designer Kitchens In Fife


Browsing our gallery you will see we design and supply a wide range of work surface materials including laminate, quartz, sintered stone, wood, Corian and stainless steel. Our designers have a lot of experience with these materials and can offer advice based on your specific requirements in terms of budget, aesthetics, practicalities, design requirement etc.

Sintered Stone Worktops

Sintered stone is made by applying very high pressure and temperature to the base compounds to produce a completely unique material. By the world-renowned Consentino group and best known by their brand names such as Dekton, Sensa, Neolith, and Lapitech, these materials are extremely durable. They also feature very high heat resistance, scratch resistance and UV resistance.

Designers love them because of their extraordinary surface patterns that range from looking like natural marble to incredible industrial finishes. At Vorsehen we are specialists in Dekton, and have created many beautiful designs featuring this statement surface.

Discuss your project with one of our designers and we can guide you through the various sintered stone options available to you.

Quartz Worktops

An engineered stone, quartz worktops maintain the benefits of a man-made product, whilst affecting the beautiful look and patterns of natural stone. It is produced from a blend of approximately 95% ground natural quartz with 5% polymer resins, ensuring consistency of colour and structure throughout. The result is a strong material ideal for worktops because it is hygienic, easy to clean and non-porous…or in other words, stain-resistant! Quartz is also heat and scratch resistant, qualities which further enhance its durability. Another advantage is that quartz can be cut, shaped, polished and drilled to suit individual taste, and it is available in a selection of worktop thicknesses, and in lengths over 3m. This jumbo option is especially useful for achieving full kitchen worktop pieces with no visible worktop joins.

At Vorsehen we specialise in Caesarstone and Silestone quartz, both known worldwide for their durable, safe worktops, and available in a wide range of beautiful quartz colours and styles.

Alternative Quartz and Porcelain Worktops

For the more price-conscious, we also have an excellent range of solid surfaces in Quartz and Porcelain. All high quality, durable surfaces, they are a cheaper alternative to our more premium worktop brands. We can source these from a range of suppliers, for the benefit of our clients who are working to a more restricted project budget.

Granite Worktops

Marble and Granite represent the most luxurious of natural stones used for worktops. With a timeless look, both materials lend themselves extremely well for use in Country and Shaker kitchens, as well as within more contemporary styles. As they are a natural product, no two pieces of stone will ever be the same; this ensures a truly unique look for your kitchen.

Polished granite worktops have a shiny surface finish and are well-placed in traditional kitchen settings, or for a striking island worktop. Alternatively, honed granite has a non-shiny surface, which is frequently textured, and better suited for more contemporary kitchen designs. At Vorsehen we specialise in Sensa granite worktops, with access to a wide choice of luxury granite stone.

Luxury Laminate Work Surfaces

Think you know laminate worktops? …Think again! Our modern luxury laminates make an enviable choice for many clients. The quality of modern laminates needs to be seen to be appreciated; from textured surfaces to intricate curves and even inset sinks, the ability to order worktops completely finished from the factory results in a modern, high-quality finish that is still a much more affordable choice versus quartz or sintered/ natural stone.

Laminates are available in a wide range of colours and finishes and can be effectively used in modern, Shaker and traditional kitchen designs.

Other Types Of Work Surface

Vorsehen can supply a wide range of other work surface options encompassing natural wood, Corian, Stainless Steel, and glass. We can also use these materials in combination with other surface options for breakfast bars, feature islands etc.

Some of the most eye-pleasing designs use different materials in combination to produce beautiful, unique combinations that can become the centrepiece of your new kitchen design.

Dekton Worktops

Dekton is a brand of ultra-compact surface material used for worksurfaces, flooring, and wall cladding. It is made from a mixture of raw materials used in glass and porcelain production and is subjected to high pressure and high temperatures to create a dense, non-porous surface material that is highly resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. At Vorsehen, we have Dekton worktops available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, and which offer a sleek and modern look. They are also low maintenance and durable, making them a popular choice for use in both kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Silestone Worktops

Silestone is a brand of engineered quartz surface material used for both kitchen and bathroom worktops. It is made from natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals on earth, combined with pigments and resins to create a durable, low-maintenance material. Veratile and attractive, Silestone is available in a wide range of colours and patterns, and its non-porous surface makes it resistant to stains and bacteria. It is also heat-resistant and this makes it an especially popular choice for kitchens, whilst in bathrooms, Silestone can provide a luxurious and spa-like feel. Its durability makes it a luxurious yet practical choice for high-traffic areas.